Insects of Iowa

Insect Life Cycle and Collages

M J Hatfield is furnishing her life cycle files to add to the website. I will be adding more as she sends them. Having raised some moth caterpillars, I have a good idea of the time and effort she has spent collecting and documenting the life cycles of the insects. Some of the cycles take a year. This data is the property of M J and should not be copied without her permission. The order of data will be family, scientific name, common name if available and then host plant. Contact her at: [email protected] .

Coleoptera- Beetles

Diptera - Flies

Hemiptera- True Bugs

Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps, Sawflies, Horntails, Ichneumons, and Braconids

Lepidoptera- Butterflies and Moths

Symphypleona - Springtails