Insects of Iowa
Insects of Iowa

Welcome to the Insects of Iowa website. This site contains information about insects found in Iowa and other places.

         I created this website to share the information that I have acquired and accumulated over the years on moths and beetles. This site is being updated continuously as I collect data and when people furnish information to me. All photos are the copyrighted property of the photographer. Please contact the photographer prior to copying or using any of the photographs on this website.
    I have always had an interest in the outdoors, taking pictures and acquiring a knowledge of what is there. After photographing several species of insects, I needed to identify them and then it just grew. I hope the data that I have included will be of use to others.
    I have made every effort to insure that the data is accurate, but if you find mistakes, please let me know.
   I can be contacted at ( [email protected] ).

Note: The live moth specimen pages are being worked as I get new pictures. I will replace spread specimen pictures as I get live pictures. It will take a while to finish the pages so bear with me.

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I will not be updating this site in the future. I have created a new website which has current data and will updated in the future. To go to the new site -

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